Dementia / Alzheimer's - Respite Centre

Project Architect: Renos Constantinou
Location: Strovolos, Nicosia (2500m2)
Year: 2016, UNDER STUDY

Design of a comprehensive Alzheimer’s - dementia disease in Cyprus to meet critical patient and family needs.
The first concept is to minimize overstimulation. Because many persons with dementia function better in quiet, smaller spaces, options for various group sizes and more intimate settings should be provided. Noise and visual stimulation also should be controlled to minimize overstimulation and reduce stress.
The second concept is to introduce the familiar. To create more comfortable and relaxed settings, architects are now introducing hospitality and residential features to health care environments (Abundant daylight and natural-looking materials).
#Alzheimer's Design #Dementia in Long-Term Care #Home & Safety Design #Outdoor Design


21 Prodromos Str,
      2nd Floor, 1095
      Nicosia, Cyprus
+357 22665607