Design + Delivery

We are as committed to delivery as we are to design.

We bring innovation and leadership to every project. Our collaborative approach and integrated process ensure quality and integrity are maintained, and the project progresses smoothly and efficiently at every stage.

We provide certainty for our clients and clarity for our project partners, achieving the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

By collaborating and integrating—teams, resources, technology and processes—we provide confidence for our clients and contractors alike. By sharing the responsibility and opportunity, we optimize budgets and schedules, and maintain quality and integrity.


We are proud to inform you that we utilize a closed office network with powerful servers.   

As utilizes the most modern technology in computer aided design (CAD) and strives to continuously synchronize its techniques with modern technological reality. We use a network environment in all our locations and we utilize a virtual private network (VPN) between our main offices. We have centralized our work in server computers that are properly situated in special ventilated rooms. 

21 Prodromos Str,
      2nd Floor, 1095
      Nicosia, Cyprus
+357 22665607