Our Approach

Our Approach

A culture of continuous improvement fosters an environment of innovation and excellence. We take a fresh approach to every project—our work evolves organically without the constraints of preconceived ideas, a stringent style or prescribed formula. Every project is unique.

The delivery stage is a central element in ensuring the design integrity is maintained and provides a smooth and efficient progression through all stages.

Deliverable Details:

Please find below the Architectural and Civil Engineering as well as Surveying/Valuation deliverable details for your reference. Also please find below the Mechanical and Electrical deliverables details as being done by our highly professional associates.

Architectural and Civil Engineering building services design

We will develop and Design and produce Building services drawings, equipment (where necessary), schedules and specifications suitable for tender purposes, within the whole Architectural and structural drawings package while utilizing the latest technology available. We will work and coordinate with all the parties involved and alongside the design team in order to achieve the required co-ordination/management and will adhere to the project’s design program in order to meet the required deadlines.
Our design will be developed along the parameters of the Client’s brief, which will be translated into a Design brief by us for the Client’s approval. The Design brief will identify all design criteria, for the development of the detailed design.

The building services design period will include:

  • Architectural design
  • Civil and Environmental
  • Engineering Design and assessment.
  • Architectural and Civil Engineering
  • Supervision of the works
  • Mechanical Engineering Design and supervision (in association)
  • Electrical Engineering Design and supervision (in association)
  • Quantity Surveying (in association)
  • Property evaluation
  • Pre-contract
    1. Preliminary Estimate
    2. Advice on tendering procedures
    3. Preparation of tender documents
    4. Assisting other consultants in the
    5. preparation of tender documents
    6. Evaluation of received tenders
    7. Preparation of contract documents
  • Post-contract
    1. Attending site meetings
    2. Preparation of interim payments recommendations
    3. Measurement and valuation of variations
    4. Periodic preparation of financial reports
    5. Advice on contractual matters
    6. Preparation of the final account
  • Supervision Services