We strive for sustainability in every aspect of what we do—delivering projects that are sustainable economically, socially and culturally, as well as environmentally.We aim to create value over the life of the project through an integrated and holistic approach to design, delivery and operation. Every project has an individual relationship with its environment, surroundings, community and culture

Our Sustainability Efforts

Project sustainability efforts begin with basic strategies such as optimal building orientation. Our process continues through complex mechanical system design, energy reuse and post-occupancy evaluations.

Our study provides low/no cost maintenance checklists to assist our clients in the management of their facilities. Utilizing advanced energy modeling, we test multiple design solutions early in the process. We follow through post-occupancy with the ability to measure, improve, and reduce energy and water usage while limiting waste. 

We seamlessly integrate environmentally sustainable design principles which is intrinsically linked to our design process and a fundamental part of our design solutions. Our recent residential & commercial buildings—such as EA House in Nicosia, Troy House in Nicosia & Othello Health Centre achieve the best result of sustainable design.